Orienteering in Flanders finest forests


   13th - 15th august 2021


3 day orienteering event for all ages and all levels 

Flat terrain -  yet challenging orienteering. 

Organised by hamok - probably the best orienteering club of Belgium




  • Date: 14-16 august 2020

  • Venue: Winnerstraat, Eksel, Belgium

  • Event type: 3 day event

  • Organizer: hamok

  • Maps: 1:7500, 1:10000, mapped and remapped 2020

  • Punching: Sportident, SI chips can be rented for the price of 6EUR for all 3days (or 2EUR per stage).

  • First start: 16:00 on day 1 -  10:00 on day 2 and 3

  • Classes: M10, M10-shadowed, M12, M14, M16-M18 only All-in youth formula, M20, M21A, M21B, M35, M40, M45, M50, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70,  W10, W10-shadowed, W12, W14, W16-W18 only All-in youth formula, W20, W Ultimate,  W21A, W21B, W35, W40, W45, W50, W55, W60, W65, W70

  • only FIXED STARTING TIMES due to covid-19


  • Day Courses - ONLY PRE-registrered – Short difficult, Short Easy= Beginners course, Long Difficult, Long Easy,  Kids’ Course

  • Entries: at OrienteeringOnline till August 1st, 2020


Belgian runner: via club

Foreign individual or club:  to below reference - don't forget to mention all the athletes names and club you pay for. Looking forward to have you at our event!

Payment needs to be done before 7th of august 2020

Account nr: BE68 4581 0482 3134

Swift code: KREDBEBB


entries canceled by 15th of July will get 100% refund. Entries canceled after 15th of July will not be refunded. In the case of complete or partial cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to retain part or full amount of the entry fees. SPECIAL NOTE: in event of race being canceled due to COVID-19 outbreak, we will refund 100% of the entry fee minus banking costs.







Flanders 3 days

3 days of quality orienteering in surprising terrain in the vast forest of Bosland. Start orienteering through fast, varied forests with detailed sand dunes. Slow down when the visibility is reduced.

Increase your speed but never loose track of the many details. The terrain is suitable for beginners and challenging for the experienced runners.


Arrive at the most fun event center and experience a true orienteering festival like never before.  

For many years hamok has been organising this event with great success and satisfaction of our competitors. Enjoy the conviviality of our club-members and have the best orienteering weekend you can imagine.


We hope to welcome you numerously! 




Democratic prices

-18   30€  before 01/08/2020

+18   45€  before 01/08/2020

KIDS COurses 

Kids Courses are nearly free but offer you a lot of fun (1€)  designed by the youngsters in our club. Day care isn't offered, but for parents who want to run we have the possibility to choose your own starting time.


ever tried the best Belgian Beers in combination with orienteering? ever tried combining it with orienteering? We will line up all contendors who registered themselves and will make teams based on your results of the first 2 days.  Enjoy this FUN extra event on day 2. 

Camping SITE

10x10 m² - Tent  40€

We have a quiet side and a side for youth


on day 1 - right after the first day we will have a BBQ... a large buffet with fresh pasta salads and vegetables - choose the meat or vegiburger you prefer.

PICK up a picnic

On day 2 and 3 we deliver you a full package picnic for 2-3 or more people - to be picked up on the event right after your course. 

Great Atmosphere & SPecial Beers

We brewed our own blond triple beer based on the inputs of many orienteers we decided on the taste and will be launched at this event with 500 bottles 

Cycling paradise

Want to enjoy a carless weekend - the 3 events are very close to the event center - all transportations are possible by bike. The area is supernice to do some mountainbiking or road cycling. On fietsnet.be you can plan your routes

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